Green News

Brand Battle for Good

We are excited to have participated in the Brand Battle for Good on day 1 with a workshop during the virtual conference and on day 2 as judges of the Hack-a-thon. All project ideas were compelling and thoughtful! Kudos to all the teams! We are thrilled for the winning idea of EcoMeter to become reality!

EcoMeter will be a public-facing grading platform to showcase restaurants that make conscious decisions with sustainable ingredients and packaging. The concept was designed by a team composed of individual professionals representing the companies Clio, UBC, Ciele Athletics, 10Fold Eventware and Enchant Christmas and has been passed to Brands for Better to be implemented.

GHG Accounting is providing a free listing of this project on the Local Carbon Registry, a platform to track and showcase GHG reduction projects combining all aspects of local climate action transparently and effectively.