Sustainability Management

Green Procurement

For public and private organizations, procurement is one way to realize positive social and environmental impacts. Developing a long-term sustainable procurement strategy and vision enables organizations to better manage their supply chains by addressing risks and impacts, and truly embed sustainability into their operations. 

Our team helps organizations develop a sustainable procurement strategy given our expertise in supplier sustainability assessment and identification of sustainable procurement risks and opportunities, including cost reductions.

Climate Action Plans (Mitigation and Adaptation)

Our team helps various organizations including municipalities, regional districts, corporates and community groups to develop climate action plans based on the organization’s GHG emission profiles and best practices. Climate action plans are developed based on the organization’s existing climate initiatives and relevant government policies and regulation to both reduce GHG emissions and increase resilience by adapting to the changing climate. The plan will lay out clear next steps and timelines to achieve your goals while identifying costs and defining the business case to move forward. Our unique approach of guiding and empowering organizations to identify what is best for them has proven to be very successful.

Local GHG Emission Reduction Projects

Our team helps municipalities, regional districts, corporations, and community groups to identify innovative emission reduction projects in their communities based on best practices and to realize the projects by matching funding opportunities. Our Local Carbon Registry (LCR) (link to tool is an ideal public resource to both search for and share potential emission reduction projects and learn how existing projects have made meaningful GHG reductions in communities. Our team is here to help guide you through how your actions can be translated into actual GHG reductions. If you are interested in investing in or seeking funding for local emission reduction projects in your community or one nearby, visit our Local Carbon Registry (LCR) (link to to see the full list of projects or contact us (add link to Contact Us) to have yours included.