We combine our independent and science-based approach with innovative technology solutions. From sustainability and GHG data management to automated data flow, we offer the state-of-the-art technology solutions to help our clients streamline energy and emissions data and track emission reduction efforts.

Local Carbon Registry (LCR)

The LCR is an innovative platform that combines all aspects of local climate action in a transparent and effective way. It is a public registry available to all to search for and share potential emission reduction projects and learn how existing projects have made meaningful GHG reductions in communities. The LCR promotes local climate action in an accessible and credible way, empowering communities to learn from each other and commit to sharing their GHG reduction journey.

Sustainability Data Management Automation - SofCoNet

Tracking down every single utility bill, converting the billing periods into actual calendar months, and manually entering it into your sustainability tracking software is time consuming, inefficient and error prone. A program that automatically uploads the data from your service provider to your tracking software and calendarizes every bill saves hours of work and reduces mistakes.

SofCoNet is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) tool that functions as an add-on module to automate data management for sustainable tracking for internal and external company reporting. On a technical level, it is an application programming interface (API) that seamlessly connects resource supplier data, such as utility bills ,to your preferred sustainability tracking platform.This streamlines sustainability data management and eliminates the need for manual data processing. SofCoNet is certified in the United States (EPA) and Canada (NRCan) to work with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager platform. You can use SofCoNet to manage and validate data synchronized between your portfolio management account and your sustainability tracking software.